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Meet our Chefs


Ventura, California

Chef Bio

I come from a modest background and worked my way up the kitchen brigades through passion and curiosity. The fact that the culinary world is so large and diverse always excited me to learn more about the craft. I remember being amazed as a young cook that I could earn a living cooking, so even though I was going into teaching, I decided to be a chef because you can really do both. I moved back to San Diego in 2010 and since then have run kitchens at Barbarella, Prep Kitchen, and Stella Public House. My specialties include but are not limited to Italian, Mexican, and French with a handful of experience in many Asian cuisines. For several years, I’ve also been running high end corporate cafes. I like to spend my free time fishing, surfing, camping and reading. 

How long have you been working with Big City Chefs?

Since 2023

If I were a spice, I would be…

I’d be sea salt because I’m pretty sure it’s running through my veins by now.

My favorite local purveyors, artisans, and farmers:

Chino Farms, Specialty Produce, Pacific Shellfish

What I love about cooking and hospitality…

I love that it’s a constantly evolving and changing art that shows value for classics and contemporary ideas.

What are your top three go-to pantry items?

Salt, olive oil, flour

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I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Meet Our Chefs

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