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Meet our Chefs


Nashville, Tennessee

Chef Bio

I began my career as a conductor on the faculty of Cornell University. After ten years teaching, I left my post to pursue cooking full time, training in Savannah, Georgia, and Chicago. My next eight years were spent honing and exploring my craft in Manhattan and Brooklyn. While my Southern roots play a role in my cuisine, they do not constrict a world view of ingredients. I saw my 8 years in NYC as a gateway to the cuisines of many cultures. While Executive Chef there, I made time to work with chefs from North Africa, New Zealand, Guatemala, as well the bulk of Europe including Spain. I held executive positions at NYC’s Famous Delta Grill in Times Square, Channel Four in Rockefeller Plaza, Cornelius, and Keg and Lantern;. I was also owner/chef of Edisto in Nashville. As a consultant, I helped several NYC and Nashville restaurants get back on track by rewriting recipes, menus, and setting front and back of house practices. I am an affable, dedicated, and fun chef with a knack for interacting with guests!

How long have you been working with Big City Chefs?

Since March 2018

If I were a spice, I would be…

Cumin. It is used in Indian, South American, North African cuisines. I am ECLECTIC!!

My favorite local purveyors, artisans, and farmers:


What I love about cooking and hospitality…

Making my clients happy and giving them a one of a kind experience.

What are your top three go-to pantry items?

Asian Chili Sauce(Sambal Olek), David Chang Spice Mix, Vinegars!

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Meet Our Chefs

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