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May 26th, 2012 Interview with Personal Chef Alex Tishman of Big City Chefs

By Blanca Valbuena, FriendsEAT

Whenever people think of Chefs, they automatically think of those Cheflebrities on the Food Network: Bobby Flay, Giada De Laurentiis, Mario Batali. What they are missing out on are the amazing chefs who work in the Personal Chef field. This market is growing fast. I have used personal chefs in the past. They take the sting out of having your 40 family members over for Thanksgiving. Personal chefs are perfect when you’re just starting a diet, it is much easier to follow a diet when you have a pro sticking to the rules and creating something delicious. One Personal Chef we particularly love is Alex Tishman. Tishman is young, innovative, and talented. I recently caught up with Chef Tishman to learn a bit more about the life of a personal chef:

Blanca Valbuena: Alex, did you grow up cooking?

Alex Tishman: I grew up watching my mom in the kitchen. I learned a lot about cooking from her, especially when it comes to dedication for local, organic ingredients, and solid cooking techniques. For as long as I can remember, she’s always grown her own herbs and lots of vegetables, and treated them respectfully and carefully, Family meals were always really important growing up, and food was a central part of our gatherings Even now, we have burritos the first night any of us come home to visit. She cooks the beans all day long, and we still heat the tortillas in the same two cast iron skillets we’ve used for 25years. When I was really little, my parents used to make ice cream the old fashioned way, with rock salt and hand churning in a bath tub full of ice. Those food memories really form the base of my love for food and cooking.

BV: When did you know that cooking was more than just a hobby, but that it would become your way of life?

AT: Thinking back, I first got the cooking bug in high school. My senior year I was dating this girl who lived just a few blocks from school, and we had a special off campus lunch tradition. We would go to her  house during lunch, and I’d make cherries jubilee, or bananas foster, or something else equally alcoholic and flammable. I realize in retrospect this was probably…  (read full article at

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