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June 1st, 2004
Vision Magazine

Personal Chefs Serve Up Gourmet
– Summer 2004

More than ever, Americans are pressed for time. Between a grueling commute, corporate travel, and a day full of meetings, who has time to cook a nutritious dinner? As time becomes one of our most precious commodities, we often rely on quick but unwholesome mealtime solutions such as high calorie fast food, fattening take out, or frozen entrées. Enter the newest weapon in the fight against the daily grind: personal chef services.

A less costly alternative to a full-time private chef, personal chefs develop customized meal plans based on a client’s specific tastes and dietary objectives. Entering the client’s home with pots, pans, and fresh foods, the chef will prepare one to two weeks of entrĂ©es that are conveniently packaged, labeled, and ready to heat. For little more than $80 per person per week for a typical package, personal chefs may offer clients customized gourmet dinners that range from Soy and Mustard Glazed Salmon to Homestyle Short Ribs. Particularly for those with nutritional goals such as Atkins, South Beach, or other diets, a personal chef more easily allows them to maintain a regimen.

Sylvia Bartlitz, who lives near San Francisco, California and has regularly enjoyed personal chef services for several years, touts the benefits of personal attention and expert preparation of nutritionally customized food. “This service has greatly benefited my family. Not only do we have more time to enjoy dinner together, but our chef has used his knowledge of our likes and dislikes to expose us to exciting flavors and dishes we might never have thought to try.”

David Fischbein, President of Big City Chefs, a nationwide personal and private chef service brand operating in nearly a dozen major metropolitan markets, notes, “Our clients tell us they feel more productive and relaxed by reducing the time they previously spent cooking, grocery shopping, or eating out at pricey restaurants.” He adds that clients rave about the company’s hand-picked professional chefs, who include veterans from the restaurants of celebrity chefs such as Wolfgang Puck and Emeril Lagasse. According to Fischbein, “Personal chef services provide a convenient and affordable luxury that allows Americans to reclaim their stressful lives.”

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